Dev Niwas, a late 17th century ‘Haveli’ (mansion), replete with the allure of the bygone era, is situated in the centre of the quaint, poetic city of Bundi, the erstwhile ruling seat of the Hadoti region of the Rajputana. This unique cluster of houses is surrounded by ancient havelis and temples. The rooms have been restored back to their old charisma and are situated around a central courtyard which is approached through a narrow archway.

This Haveli was made in 1684 AD by Deva Dhabai. Later, as Deva Dhabai had no heir, the property was taken by the Bundi State and was used as the residence for the ‘Qiledar’ of Nainwa. When Maharao Ishwari Singh of Bundi got married to the Princess of Durjanpur (Rewa State), the property was given to accomodate the entourage of the Princess and it later came to be known as Maaji Sahib Ki Haveli.